Let your kids pay for the hotel with Pinypon
July 30, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Until September 15th, all Pinypon enthusiasts will be able to participate in a fun contest to win 2 nights for 4 people at any hotel in the world. It´s very easy. You only have to upload your Pinypon photo to Instagram using the hashtag #PinyponTour and follow @famosatoys in Instagram. Continue reading to find out about all the details!

Surely, you´ve played with Pinypon, those adorable toys that were born in the 70´s and continue to attract kids today. Their manufacturer, Spanish toy company, Famosa, launches it´s first Instagram contest to select the best photographs of traveling Pinypons.

This summer, have your children take their favourite Pinypons along with them and take their picture in front of a monument or a landscape. The contest is inspired by the French movie Amelie. Remember that scene where the main character steals her father´s garden gnome and gives it a friend who takes it on her travels and takes pictures of it? Well, that´s the idea.

Get your kids to play with their Pinypon and take fun pictures of them wherever you go on vacation.  At the beach, under a tree, in a forest, the pool or a boat. Perhaps in front of the Eiffel Tower or a palace? Surely, they´ll come up with a thousand ideas.


All photographs will be uploaded to the Pinypon Facebook page and the little ones will be able to vote for their favorite. If their photograph is selected by the app´s most voted,  your family can win a weekend for 4 at any hotel anywhere in the world or one of the 10 Pinypon Tour Packs. Look at this entertaining video to get inspired. There is no limit as to how many times your children can participate so make this a great activity to do with your children this summer.

Participating is what´s important but Famosa has stepped up to offer gifts to those who don´t win the First Prize. The best finalists will receive 1 of 10 Pinypon Tour Packs (Brazil, France, London and Japan) and a Pinypon airplane.

With a little creativity, time to play and your children´s favourite Pinypon, you´ll be able to keep on travelling, for free. If you don´t have your own Pinypon toys, you can buy them right here.

From all of us at Toy Blog we wish you good luck and a happy summer!



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