Let´s learn our colours with Barriguitas
July 28, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Many parents worry when their toddlers take heir time learning to differentiate colours. They´re capable of doing so with letters and are able to count to 10 but some children say “Blue” no matter what colour you ask them to identify. But there´s no need to worry. Paediatrician and author of the blog KC Kids Doc, assures us that “there are cases of children, younger than 18 months old, who can identify every single crayon that comes in the box. But kids aren´t really capable of correctly identifying a colour until they are three.”

So, is there anything that we, as parents, can do so they become familiar with this concept? Yes, as long as they do it while they play. The new Barriguitas Colours have already proven that they make for a wonderful learning tool. Today, we´ll show you how.

If your child cannot differentiate colours yet, don´t worry. Stop for a moment and think about how hard the concept of colours is for a toddler. Your son or daughter has probably just learned the word shoes when we are already asking them to wear the pink, brown or blue ones. What if they have two different pairs of shoes in different shades of blue? You see? All this new information can be a bit overwhelming.

So, don´t pressure them. “Learning colours is difficult even for smart kids. It´s an abstract concept which requires time and patience,” says Natasha Burgert.

While you wait, however, there are certain activities that you can do to help them develop their learning process.

Following are examples of activities to motivate them to learn by playing with their toys. And what better toy than the new Barriguitas Colours by Famosa?

Each week, a new colour with Barriguitas

If your son or daughter sees everything “blue”, you can start by teaching them colours with Blue Barriguitas. During the first week, use the doll to talk to them about the blue objects within sight. You can even place stickers on every blue thing you have at home. The second week, choose a different colored Barriguitas and repeat the same process. Learning colours like this, one by one, is easier.

In terms of comparing different coloured objects, your kids will learn to differentiate them if you show them the same object. For example, you can encourage them to compare a Pink and a Lavender Barriguitas.

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Playing with Colours

Toddlers love to discover the world through touching, listening and playing. If you give them coloured cards to have them learn the different colours, they´ll probably lose their interest. The best way is through music. For example, you can show them the Rainbow Song by Little Baby Bum or Colours Song by Toobys. Or perhaps you can have the Barriguitas give a concert of colours! Make pretend each doll sings by using different voices.

Another good idea is having them make drawings using different colours. Each week, encourage your child to draw his or her Barriguitas with things that are the same colour as she is. If it’s a Green Barriguitas, they can fill the drawing with trees, green veggies or a garden. You can pin each drawing/colour to their wall so they can remember the colour they´ve learned before going to sleep.

Digital Colours

Colour Barriguitas have their own free online game. It´s called Fun Colours and it´s created for kids over 4 years old that are already capable of distinguishing colours. Similar to Puzzle Bobble, your kids will have to move the coloured hearts to the area on the screen where they see the same colours. Aside from reinforcing the names of colours, this game improves their concentration, their sense of space and hand-eye coordination.

If your kids are still too young, don´t worry. There´s plenty of apps designed especially for them. Learning colours by GoKids!, Sago Mini Pet Cafe by Sago or Toddler Colors by Russpuppy are some examples. You can also take a look at our article titled ”6 apps to learn shapes and colours”.

Photo Credits: Famosa


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