Let´s play a board game!
December 25, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Have you ever wondered what benefits do board games have. They apparently are a good source of entertainment but they also stimulate their learning process. Just as we encourage our children to exercise, we should also help them exercise their minds (not only in school). The main advantage to playing with board games is that they allow children to acquire knowledge while they play. And they also learn to socialize. This Christmas, why not ask Santa for one that the entire family can enjoy?

Learning while playing, that is the key to board games. They activate our children’s brains because they challenge them to solve questions. But they also help cultivate a critical mind, encouraging them to ask questions about things they don´t have the answer for and they help them see new ways to problem solve.

Have you noticed that board games are also a useful tool to getting to know others and yourself? When we play against someone, we unconsciously tap into his or her personality as well as ours. The rival could be competitive for example, or a diplomat, or honest…) Have your children identify how they behave with others. This will also help them be more consider towards others. While playing they´ll be able to develop non-verbal communication skills that will help them understand what they are like. If they believe their rival is a fierce competitor, they´ll ask themselves if they are too.

Every board game has its rules. This allows children to assume that they need to follow the rules in order to play. Just like we do in real life, sometimes we need to work as a team, be patient and make decisions together. This is part of their learning process and growing up, just like we explained in our post: “Welcome to the Professional World,”

This type of game is also works as a “weapon” against frustration. Playing board games allows your kids to discover that sometimes you win and others you lose. And that making mistakes is a good thing because winning is not the most important part of playing. Participating is.

Here at The Toy Blog, we´ve discovered some excellent board games so you can enjoy playing with the entire family this Christmas season.


Pasapalabra Junior: This popular TV program, hosted by Christian Gálvez, has become a famous board game. There are 5500 questions on general culture, designed for children 10 years old and up. The goal is to answer as quickly as possible in order to save time for the final round.

Inazuma Eleven Go: This game is based on the cartoon series adored by so many children. Your kids will have to think of a strategy and place the players to prepare an attack. Whoever gets 5 goals in less than 30 minutes wins.

Pinypon Party: The adorable Pinypon have their own board game, designed especially for children 4 years and older. Would you like to know what it entails? The board game is a house where a party is held. By spinning the roulette and tossing the die, they´ll need to answer questions and search for clues in the room in order to get invited. The first one gets to go to the rooftop and win.

The  Supernanny Supergames: With more than 20 activities for the little ones, your kids will learn the basic concepts they need as they grow. It includes animal cards, a game of domino, a memory game, arts & crafts and even a magnetic blackboard with stickers.

Karaoke The Voice: If your children enjoy singing, this could be their new favourite board game. They´ll have to prove who has the best voice by picking up the microphone and move like real pop stars in order to convince the coaches. Just like the program on TV.

What board games did you have when you were growing up? Did you know that board games had so many benefits?

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