Make your Christmas an unforgettable one with 1 Second Everyday
December 11, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Do you want to spend an unforgettable Christmas? We propose you create an advent calendar full of memories. It´s really easy with the app 1 Second Everyday, which allows you to make a 1 second video every day in order to generate an entire movie. What a great idea! You´ll be able to capture the best moments of this Christmas holiday. And in less than a month, you´ll be able to reminisce on all the good times you´ve spent as a family.

How to make a movie this Christmas

Even though 1 Second Everyday was conceived as a way to create the movie of your life, here at The Toy Blog, we thought it is a good tool to create a beautiful memory of the family during the Christmas holidays.

The app is designed to film a mini video every day. All you have to do is select what second is the best. It should be a special moment because it will be stored in your calendar as the moment of the day and is what will appear in the movie, later on.

Don´t worry, the app is very user-friendly. You edit the videos using the app and all you have to do is simply swipe the beginning and end of your selected moment with your finger.

The difficult part is remembering to actually film a video every day. But the app reminds you and once you create the habit, and realize this effort will be well worth it, you´ll do it with a smile. With a second per day, you´ll have a 30 second film to watch after the holiday seasons. Enjoy it with your friends and family!


If you like the idea, you can always emulate Cesar Kuriyama, creator of the app who shares his story here, explaining how he´s filmed one second of every day for the last three years so he would never forget. This experience had a positive impact on him as it made him realize all the good things he had to be grateful for.

1 Second Everyday is available for free for Android and you pay just a little if you download it from iTunes.

Instagram, another idea to remember this Christmas season

If you aren’t too convinced about the Christmas app we´ve suggested, you also have the option of taking a picture every day and uploading it to Instagram. You can even encourage your kids to take the picture with your smartphone. Remember photography is a wonderful way of expressing their thoughts and developing their creativity. Taking photographs teaches them new skills while the foundations for a visual education are being laid.

It´s a great activity to do together this holiday season and one, which will have you, spend quality time together. We suggest you teach them to take pictures form different angles and have them experiment with different lights, colours and filters.

If you´re worried about your kids and social networks, we encourage you to read our post Kids & Instagram.

If you´re looking for some inspiration this Christmas, we also recommend you read Super Fun Ideas for a Family Gathering.

What do you think of this idea? Do you like the 1 Second Everyday app?

Photo Credits: 1 Second Everyday


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