Massages for Baby & Me
April 15, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Massaging is yet another way for mommy and daddy to transmit affection and tenderness to their baby. It´s also a great way to get to know your baby better and to be attentive to changing moods. Massages provide an infinite variety of physical and emotional wellbeing to parents and babies. Aside from relaxing your child, it can alleviate gases and colics. But, how, when and where should you give your baby a massage? In order to fully enjoy these pleasurable moments, here are several tips that will help.

Where. You can give your baby a massage practically anywhere. Ideally, the best is to do it in a room at 77 degrees and over a soft blanket or towel. Strip your baby of clothes and leave the diaper on, just in case.

How. It´s very important to avoid applying too much pressure and the movements must be soft and slow. With your eyes closed, place your fingertips on your eyelids and massage them. This is the right amount of pressure you must apply when massaging your baby. For the smaller parts of the bodyyou’re your fingertips. For larger areas, use the palm of your hand wide open. You can use olive oil or baby cream as long as it´s not oily and can be easily absorbed.


In case your baby suffers from colics, massages are a wonderful treatment. Place the palm of your hand and make circles over the abdomen, clock wise and beginning at the top. Slowly work down. Please note that you must avoid the belly button area.

When? Any time of day is good. When you dress your baby, after changing diapers, after feeding… When you massage your baby is entirely up to you. However, after the bath or before putting your baby to sleep are perfect moments that will help relax your little one before sleeping. Just avoid giving massages when you feel uptight or nervous.

In case your baby has gases, hold his feet together and raise the knees. Gently, rotate the hips. This will help your baby alleviate the pain.

What parts of the body can I massage? Except the bellybutton area and the fontanelle (soft areas on the top of the head) you can massage your baby all over. Behind the ears, legs, back, buttocks, neck, chest… Remember to use your fingertips especially when massaging the face and other parts of the head.

Length. You can start with a 10-minute massage and slowly build up. Your baby will be the one who will tell you when to stop.

Now it´s time to indulge in the wonders of massages.  Add it to your daily routine and you´ll not only bond but will create special intimate moments together.

Do you massage your baby? What has your experience been? We´d love to learn more.

Photo Credits: Valentina Powers

Photo Credits: Andrew Malone


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