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Nancy Make Up & Costumes (in Spanish)

With this App, your children will be able to learn Spanish while they play with Nancy.  They can dress up Nancy with masks, stickers, glitter and beautiful clothes.  Apart from that, they can practice their make up skills with many accessories such as brushes, combs for eyelashes, lipsticks and even cleansing wipes!. Now available for both Android  and Apple devices.


Captura de pantalla del iPhone 3

Taking care of my Nenuco (in Spanish)

In this Nenuco App, the player must show its ability on taking care of the little Nenuco. During the game, they must feed him, take him to school, change his diapers, and other activities to prove they can be the best mums and dads. Through this App, children will develop values such as emotional capabilities, imagination or assume responsibilities.   Available on Android and Apple devices.