Mutant Busters, much more than action figures
September 23, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Action figures are the perfect vehicles with which children can engage in free and non-structured play. The kind of play that has to do with developing their fantasy world and imagination. This type of play makes them become active creators of their own stories instead of passive beings waiting to be entertained. But what exactly do action figures provide and why is it important for them to play with?

We know that children need to play in order to understand the world they live in as well as a way of expressing their thoughts and needs and improving their physical, motor and social skills. But there is one particular activity, which all children should be encouraged to play. The one related to their world of fantasy. If your kids like action figures, these can become great tools to stimulate this free play.

Let´s take the Mutant Busters action figures as an example. Those charismatic super heroes, shoe mission is to exterminate the mutants who wish to dominate a contaminated world. With them, thousands of kids play at imagining they are real life heroes while they learn about taking care of the environment and respect it. But not only.

By imitating the Mutant Busters and creating their own adventures, kids feel in control of the situation while they value and make decisions, learn to reason and use their critical minds. But, while all kids know how to put their imaginations to work, some need a bit of help creating situations. That´s where we, as parents, come in. The following ideas can serve as a trigger, a starting point, and a soft push into that other world.

Without directing their playtime, we can motivate them to choose which Mutant Buster they want to be. Perhaps they´ll choose Brutux, the Russian ex-boxer who is all strength and courage and fears nothing. Or they might choose to be Shooter, a sniper who belongs to the Special Force Task. Some might even want to be Circuit, half machine, half human or Sheriff who has the best aim. Once they´ve decided whom they want to interpret, you can propose any of the following activities and ask them some questions. Remember, your role here is simply to plant an idea in order to awaken their imagination.


What are your strengths and weaknesses? Is there something or someone you are afraid of? How does each character speak and how does each one like to do when they are not on a mission? This type of questions will force them to create their character´s backstory and shape them. You can also take advantage to ask them why they believe the Earth is contaminated. Was it because humans have filled the earth with garbage? What can we do to avoid contaminating our planet? Just like we suggested in this post, we will be helping them to think about the importance of taking care of our environment and recycling.

You can also encourage your little members of La Resistance to gather at Headquarters. What mutant will they have to fight against today? What are the risks involved and what skills will be needed to win? Make sure they check the rock launcher and the revolving door. By asking this type of question, they´ll learn the concept of cause and effect as well as learn how to evaluate their weak spots and their strengths.

Another idea is motivate the kids to get to Panic Island, where the Mutants live. Will they be able to succeed in overtaking their defence mechanisms?

You can also ask them the following questions in order to get their critical minds to work:

How will they overtake Panic Island? What will happen if they encounter Blurp?

Remember, your role is secondary. You want your kids to direct their game and decide how they are going to play. Only if they need a little extra help, we can assist them by asking the following: What will happen next?

Action figures also help kids play at interpreting stories they already know but creating their own versions. Help them choose one of their favourite stories and invent their own ending, add new characters or different locations. What if the same story took place in outer space, for example?

Would you like to learn how the Mutant Busters action figures are made and what is creative process it entails?  Read this article here.

At The Toy Blog, we published a fun interview with some of the Mutant Busters characters, which your kids will love.

Don´t forget to visit their website, which offers free strategy videogames and a fun app.

Mutant Busters, much more than action figures.

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