Nenuco Baby: Toys for 1-year olds
January 25, 2016  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Searching for toys for a one-year old could present a difficult task for parents. Even though every child is different, innumerable physical and mental changes occur during this age so it´s crucial to choose the best toys that will challenge them as well as reinforce what they already know. A healthy development depends on the environment in which they live in and their experiences but there are common factors among babies who have just turned 1. Today, we will let you know what they need and offer you a selection of Nenuco baby toys, especially created for one-year olds.

What are one-year olds like?

Everything is new and interesting for a one-year-old. They love using their 5 senses to explore the world and get a kick out of engaging in basic tasks and making things happen. Once they discover how, they´ll want to do it over and over again!

Learn to recognize and manage emotions. One-year-olds experience a wide range of emotions and when they´re sleepy or tired, they tend to have temper tantrums. They might also respond to frustration by biting, screaming or crying. Once they turn one, they love to show how autonomous they are (or think they are) by saying NO.

Verbal skills. From babbling or gurgling, one-year-olds go on to say simple words or a combination. They might have trouble pronouncing and parents need to translate what they mean to others. During this phase, they absorb a great wealth of vocabulary. They are able to understand common sentences and simple instructions.

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Beginning to develop mathematic concepts. They do this by recognizing patterns and shapes. For example, they begin to realize that night is followed by day and that socks are put on before their shoes. They also begin to identify certain object characteristics such as soft or hard. And they love to empty and fill boxes or buckets. They even know that when something is hidden, it does not disappear.  The majority of children of this age can solve simple puzzles if they are shown complete drawings.

Experimenting physical changes. At 20 months old, the majority of children have stopped crawling. Their walk is still unstable but they are able to maintain balance. They use their motor skills to push or pull objects, dance and climb. Their finger coordination also improves and they like to grab and let go of things.

Nenuco Baby Toys for one-year-olds

1. 5 in 1 Nuco Tour Baby walker

With this toy, one-year-old children improve their motor skills and learn about orientation and cause and effect. The 5 in 1 Nuco Tour has 5 functions including a walker and a rocker that comes with three different heights. It also includes all safety measures such as a harness and a footrest. They’ll love the steering wheel with lights and sounds.

2. Wooden Puzzle

Created in order to improve and develop their motor and sensory skills. This puzzle´s design includes friendly characters and easy to place and remove pieces but it is also great to boost their memory.

3. Tuga bath slide

Bath time is a great moment to play and learn. This Nenuco Baby toy allows your one-year-old to see what happens when certain objects interact with water. It also improves their hand-eye coordination and their motors kills. The slide can be attached to the bathtub wall thanks to the suction cups.

4. ChuChu Train

Although this toy is recommended for 10-month-old babies, it is still valuable for one-year olds. The figures on the four cabooses have different shapes so the children learn how and where to place the objects. When they pull or drag the train, they’ll hear fun sounds.

What toys would you choose for a one-year-old?

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