Not without my Grandparents
September 9, 2014  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Grandparents are an essential part of our lives. They are wise and an example of patience. They are the ones who are in charge of giving their grandchildren the sense of belonging, roots and history. We know who we are and where we come from thanks to them since they make our culture and traditions live on.  Grandparents are the link between generations and according to the famous anthropologist, Margaret Mead, they are necessary for our mental health and emotional stability. This month, we have dedicated our section of Wishmakers to them, to our grandparents who make our childhood that much better.


If you´ve never thought about the importance that grandparents have on your children, now is the time to do so. Studies reveal that grandparents help children maximize their potential and their support is positive and rewarding, especially during their early years. According to The Foundation for Grandparenting, children who establish a strong link with their grandparents feel more secure and do better in school than others.


Today, they are more important than ever. Both parents usually work long hours so grandparents have become key in taking care of children. But they are a lot more than just babysitters. Children who spend more time with their grandparents have a healthy self-esteem because they understand where they come from and it improves their social and emotional skills. Stories, anecdotes and traditions help transmit important values.

First 5 Sonoma County has published 5 reasons why grandparents are beneficial to grandchildren.  Here they are:

No Rush

Many grandparents are lucky enough to spend quality time with their grandchildren. This not only helps develop spontaneity in children but it makes them feel protected and secure. As though that weren´t enough, it teaches children to be more patient.

Reading before Watching

If today´s society revolves around new technologies and TV, grandparents are all into reading. They will get your children to read and tell stories, as well as learn to talk about themselves. This not only improves public speaking and helps develop a critical mind but children learn to express their feelings.


You, me and Nature

Playing outdoors is another great benefit offered by grandparents. Playing outdoors allows them to exercise and discover traditional games such as marbles or spinning tops that help improve coordination and logic. It also gives grandparents the chance to talk to children about insects, birds, plants, flowers… Everything that children need to be in touch with nature and learn to respect it.

Healthy Eating

Grandparents usually have a healthy diet and when their grandchildren are with them, everyone tends to eat better. Grandmothers have a special knack for whipping up delicious home made meals and tend to remind children how important fruit and veggies are. 

Family Values

The link between grandparents and grandchildren helps strengthen family values and this alone makes children feel they are part of a group. It also teaches them the value of sharing and developing empathy. They can talk to them about the way things have changed and become the perfect role models.

Have you ever thought about how important grandparents are for children? What do you remember about your parents?

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