Older siblings teach toddles to go to school
December 10, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Here, at The Toy Blog we want to help you make parenting easy and fun! One of the subjects we´ve written about frequently is the one of siblings. From how to prepare your children for a new baby at home, to preventing sibling rivalry and how to become a good older brother or sister. Today, we´d like to give you some ideas and activities that your older children can do with their younger brothers and sisters to prepare them for school with Nenuco.

Just like we suggested here, it´s important to motivate the older kids at home to take care of their younger siblings. Not only because it makes them feel useful and important but because it cultivates their self-esteem and they learn to become responsible. Plus, now that the little one is not a baby but on their way to school, they don´t represent a threat or spark up jealousy. This is a great opportunity for the older kids to feel proud of everything they know and be able to share it.

Here are some cool activities that your oldest can do with Nenuco to get the youngest at home ready for school.

Remember, a good toy can become your best ally. With that spirit, Famosa encourages parents to cultivate their children’s generosity and social skills by playing. And one of the best ways to do it is by engaging in role-play.

Nenuco and her little sister by Famosa, is designed so your kids play learn and have fun. Together, they can take turns doing homework, using the chalkboard and coloured stickers. This play set includes 2 dolls so one child can play at being the teacher while the other one learns.

Remember, while they must decide what to play with, we can guide them.


Teacher and student – Encourage the older brother or sister to be the teacher. They´ll have to remember what happens in class and in what order. For example, they can create a list of students and take roll. Each student can then introduce himself or herself by saying their names, their age, what they like to do and a list of their favourite hobbies. If the little one has a doubt, make sure the older child helps them.

Role change – Although the eldest may begin, it´s important to take turns. Remember that even though the youngest is still not at school, it´s a good idea to become familiar with certain concepts such as what will they learn in class, how to speak to a teacher, where to sit, etc.

Chalkboard – Together with Nenuco and her little sister, each one will have to step up to the chalkboard and write their names or draw something for the rest of the class. Make sure your children integrate other dolls so they can pretend to have a full classroom. What things can be written or drawn on the chalkboard?

Playing in Class – Your older child will surely know what happens when a student doesn’t pay attention in class or distract everyone else. What happens to Nenuco´s younger brother in class? What tricks are there to learn how not to become distracted? What activities and games do kids play in class?

Story time – this activity is something kids enjoy in class, especially the older one since they will have to read to their younger siblings. Make sure the older one reads using a finger to underline each word so the little one can follow and begin to associate letters and words with its meaning. You can also encourage your eldest to stop and explain anything the little one doesn’t understand. Try not to correct them. Remember, this is just a game.

We know that we cannot choose our family but we can choose to become a better family member. It only requires a little dose of empathy, patience and love. Make sure to read this article to get your kids ready for preschool.

Does your older child help his younger sibling?

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