Overcoming their fear of the doctor with Famosa
August 18, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Children don´t like going to the doctor’s office but some get terribly afraid just thinking about it. Don´t worry, this is absolutely normal. Remember, the vast majority of people don´t like the idea of being exposed to a stranger. From a child´s perspective, seeing needles or other medical tools or instruments can terrify them because they don´t know what´s going on. Now, thanks to Famosa toys, you can explain what will happen at the doctor´s office before you go so they´ll know what to expect.

The Mini Hospital by Barriguitas is a fun hospital-shaped kit, which includes a Barriguitas doll, a doctor´s chair and table as well as a bed and other medical accessories. Use them to show your children how a doctor examines their mouth and ears, listens to their heartbeat or measures their blood pressure. Another option is to engage in role-play by having them play with the new Nenuco Doctor´s outfit, which comes with a uniform, a complete first aid kit with a toy needle, bandages and stethoscope.

We also recommend bringing a toy next time they have to visit the doctor. This will help reduce their anxiety. If your child is little, take a pacifier or a teddy bear along. In fact, you can ask the doctor to quickly “examine” your child´s toy first so they know what to expect. If you´re taking both kids to the doctor’s office, make the one who isn’t afraid go first. That way, when the younger sibling sees his older brother or sister come out, he´ll feel less afraid.

After leaving the doctor´s office, a good idea is to do something fun. This way, they´ll associate the doctor´s visit with a good experience. Say something positive such as “You did such a good job!” or “When we get home, I´m going to tell Mommy how brave you were.” A fun plan could be going to the park together, watching a movie or playing with his favourite toys.


Don´t mock their fears. Experts like Donald Shifrin, the spokesperson at the American Paediatric Academy and teacher at the Medical School at Washington University suggests that by saying things like “Don´t be afraid” or “He won´t hurt you” or “Don´t cry” just makes matters worse. You can use their toys to let them know you´ll be right by their side and you understand how they are feeling. “Don´t worry, Nancy and I also went through the same thing when we were young. We will be right by your side.”

Whatever you tell them, make sure to keep it real. For example, if your kids need to get a vaccination shot, don´t tell them they´ll never have to get one again. Instead, you can say that not every time they go to the doctor´s office, they´ll get a shot. You can also play with the Nenuco Doctor´s Kit and encourage them to take care of their dolls.

Next time you go to the doctor´s office, make sure you are there, inside with them and close by. You may even have to sit them in your lap so they don´t get nervous. Doctor Ari Brown, author of the book series Baby 411 explains how “children feel protected and secure when their parents are present.”  You can also give them options such as: “What ear would you like the doctor to examine first” or “Do you want me to hold your hand while the doctor examines you?” This way they have a say in what´s happening and will feel better about it. Plus, if they see how calm you are, it will make their visit more enjoyable.

What other games do you play with your children to get them to overcome their fears?

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