Places to go while your Children are still children
April 22, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Family vacations are always fun but there are destinations and plans that are especially good while children are still children. Theme parks, special hotels and places that are not just entertaining and educational but become truly magical if seen thru the eyes of a child. Looking for ideas for your next family vacation? Here is a list of our favorite destinations to go to while your little ones are little.

The exotic. Contrary to what you may think, traveling to exotic destinations with children will not only blow them away but they´ll learn to discover the unknown and value what they already have back home. A good example of this is India. If chaos, traffic, spicy food and the ongoing surprises you can encounter while traveling across this vast continent scares you, discover Kerala, an ideal destination for children. Elephants, castles, trains, jungle, forests and beaches. Kerala has all the ingredients to enjoy as a family and the good news is that food down south is less spicy.

Something new. The Grand Canyon is in Arizona, a place where children can become real cowboys. During the day, they can admire the Grand Canyon and the Colorado river from the observation deck and during the afternoon, the nearby stables offers horseback or carriage journeys that end with a campfire where they´ll be able to eat like they did in the Wild West, before sleeping in tents. There are guided programs that include history and geology lessons that help entertain the kids. Arizona also houses the National Geographic Center and the Imax Theater.


A different kind of Bed. Being able to sleep in a tree is the dream of practically every child. In the state of Oregon, among the lush green treetops, is one of the greatest hotels for children, the Treesort. 14 houses are scattered among the forest and fit families of 2 to 8 in each one. Just getting to bed is an adventure: you must first climb ladder and cross elevated bridges. The Treesort resort also offers tree house building workshops, art & crafts and horseback rides.

Theme Parks and Cities Built for Kids.

Copenhagen is home to the Tivoli, the second oldest amusement park in the world with rides, gardens, music and activities for the entire family. Denmark is also the home of Legoland, on the outskirts of Billund. An entire world made of Lego. To sleep, there´s the famous Legoland, a 4 star hotel inside the park so you can be the first one in line.

Florida houses the mythical Walt Disney World Resort, the largest them park in the world where kids will never want to leave. It has 4 theme parks, 2 water park, a racetrack, 23 hotels, shops and restaurants.

Where have you been with your children? We´d love to hear all about your favorite destinations. Wherever you go, remember to make sure they have time to rest, make friends, discover and keep playing. Bon voyage!

Photo Credits: Karen Roe

Photo Credits; Gran Canyon National Park




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