Play hide & go seek with Nenuco
November 3, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

When you were young, you probably spent many hours of the day playing hide & go seek. This universal game has been enjoyed by entire generations. In the digital era, however, this game has been adapted and now it can be played on a tablet. With whom? With none other than Nenuco. We want to introduce you to Famosa´s new free app, which combines tradition and new technologies. After your kids have played inside, perhaps they might feel enticed to engage in the real game outside.

Hide & go seek, the new Nenuco app is very easy to use and is created for the little ones. It consists in finding objects on different screens in the least amount of time possible. Nuco, the mischievous teddy bear, has hid them all and challenges you to find them.

The little ones have to pay attention to the objects that appear in the left hand side column and search for them on the screen. Once your son or daughter sees the object, they´ll have to click on the image to indicate they´ve found it. This is a fantastic exercise to stimulate their hand-eye coordination and concentration too. Basic skills that will help them learn better at school.

The game has 10 levels, which become unblocked as they advance. In all of them, Nenuco is the main character and is seen engaging in daily activities such as: bath time, the park, and school… This way, the child will feel identified and associate the game with the things he does everyday.


The game also encourages kids to improve his own timing and results thanks to the Top 10 list in which the names of children that play well with this app appear.

To play with Nenuco´s  hide & go seek app, all you need to do is download it on your tablet or smartphone. It’s available for Android and iPhone. You can also discover and play with all the games available on Nenuco´s website.

After playing, we´d like you to encourage your children to play hide & go seek for real so they continue to stimulate their perception and manage their emotions as well as get their dose of the physical activity. You can hide their Nenuco and challenge them to find it. You can also use this trick to make going to bed a fun activity by hiding their pyjamas and toothbrushes and making them find these.

Playing outdoors

In this article, we talked about the importance of playing outdoors, even in winter. According to the experts, among the many benefits it has for children, is it improves their immune system, they get a good dose of vitamin C, it makes them more independent and they do exercise.

Among the many games you can play with your children at the park, we recommend hide & go seek. But be aware- young kids don´t like it when they aren’t sure they wont be able to find the person they´re looking for. Until they are about 3 or 4 years old, they can even experience fear or anxiety when looking for others. Its best to hide where they can see part of you at least.

What do kids learn by playing hide & go seek? Looking for objects or people helps them use their imagination and solve problems in order to accomplish their goals. It even helps them discover the concept of volume. Can I fit in here? Could she be hiding behind that?

It also gives them the chance to develop their social skills. Since it’s a game that needs several players, your kids will have to learn to take turns, lose and work as a team.

Do your kids play hide & go seek? What childhood memories does this game awaken in you?

Photo Credits: Famosa


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