Reinforcing their vocabulary with My Life in English!
January 15, 2016  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Do your kids need a bit of motivation to expand their knowledge of English and vocabulary? Well, we might have the solution! Although My Life in English is designed to get non-English speaking kids energized to learn a second language, we believe it can help English-speaking kids to expand their vocabulary. The app, created for kids between 9 and 11 years old also emphasizes pronunciation through the use of educational games. But in your case, the app can be used by younger children to boost their language development skills.

My Life in English Games

By downloading the app, your kids will have 10 different games they can play with and they are all free! If they manage to win 20 stars, they´ll unblock the final test. The app is very simple and easy to use like this one, plus, each game includes simple to follow instructions. Once they begin, they´ll have to accomplish a goal in a set amount of time. The faster they are, the more points they will get.

Some of the games

The searches: Your son or daughter will have to put their detective hat on in order to look for the objects that appear in a list of words. Will they be able to find them all?

Find & Match: On one hand, your kids will have sentences, in English that describes a situation. For example, What ‘s the weather like today? It’s sunny, It’s rainy… On the other hand, there are flashcards with drawings that represent those moments. All your kids will have to do is join each sentence with the corresponding drawings. Plus, every word has the corresponding Spanish translation, which will have them become familiar with a second language! Check the picture below!


Crosswords: Encourage your children to touch the objects that appear on screen. Then have them listen to the sound. What words was said? They´ll have to complete the empty squares with the missing letters and make sure the words make sense in any direction.

Wordsearch: This game of searching for words has audio. So when your children press on any of the drawings, they´ll be able to listen to the pronunciation and then look for it in the word search puzzle.

Questions: This game requires them to answer. What image corresponds with the question? Make sure they do it fast!

Final Trial: If they´re aware of the clues, they wont have trouble guessing the secret word. But once they know what it is, they´ll have to write it.

More players, different levels

With My Life in English, one game can be played at different levels of difficulty. Plus, your children can play against each other or others. All they will need to do is create a profile, which will help them keep score and mark their progress.

How to reinforce their vocabulary

In the section titled “Words” your kids will find a vocab guide in case he or she has a hard time. The guide offers the information in a fun and visual way. Each word comes with a drawing and they can listen to how it is pronounced.

If you like what you´ve read so far, we encourage you to download the My Life in English app so your kids can improve their vocabulary and pronunciation.

Are you aware of other apps that help improve their knowledge of language?

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