Role-Playing with the Nenuco App
November 11, 2014  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Playing to be mommy or daddy is a central part of role-playing. Role-playing consists in children interpreting a role in a real imaginary context. Babies and toddlers love this kind of activity because it makes them feel “all grown up” because it puts them in your shoes. But role-play is also a great source of entertainment and one what has many benefits. Mainly, it allows them to learn how the world that surrounds them works while they play. In ‘Welcome to the Professional World’  we explained how role-play could be used to help your children choose what they want to do when they grow up. Today, we will talk about the benefits that this activity has for your little “mommies and daddies”.

You can engage in role-play with your children by having them dress up in your clothes or daddy´s and by creating imaginary situations. But they can also benefit from the Taking Care of my Nenuco App, ‘Cuido a mi Nenuco’ which is free and available at Android and iTunes.

‘Cuido a mi Nenuco’  is based on taking care of a baby (putting it to sleep, feeding, going out for a walk, etc.). This intuitive app guides children with friendly icons of what they have to do next. They can also play at relating the drawings with the icons that appear on screen and drag the right ones to the correct place. An exercise that will improve their attention span, concentration as well as stimulate their critical thinking.

Just like they do at home when they role-play, it´s important to establish rules. For example, daddy shouldn’t be made out to be grumpy. This app gives your children basic rules that will help them develop their sense of responsibility. If they don´t feed their baby, for example, the energy bar will decrease, making their babies unhappy. Your children will discover that their actions do have consequences.

jugar mamas y papas_app_nenuco.interior

It´s incredible how games such as these help children develop their emotional intelligence. By playing at “mommies and daddies” they will learn how to reason and consider different points of view in order to make their baby happy.

Aside from all the benefits mentioned above, role-playing has been proven to be a useful learning tool because it allows children to become active. It also makes them explore, take risks, make decisions and express their feelings and ideas in a safe environment. This will not only help them discover who they are but will also display their personality. When they´re playing, ask yourself: “Do they have a difficult time making decisions?” “Do they ask questions?” “Are they worried about their baby?”

When role-playing at home, a good thing to keep in mind is encouraging them to play with other kids. That way they will improve their social skills such as collaboration, empathy and communication. It will also allow them to be creative and let their imaginations soar.

Have you ever played “mommies and daddies” with your children? Did you already know about this app?

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