School is more fun with this Barriguitas game
October 14, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

There are many children who just don’t want to go back to school and parents’ don´t really know what to do to control their anger or temper tantrums they suffer every morning. Even though this type of behaviour is normal until they adapt to this new situation, it´s important to determine the cause of this negativity. Possible reasons include lack of motivation, tiredness, and problems with classmates or even being victims of bullying. Another reason could be that your kids are required to do more than last year and have to be more autonomous in class, especially for those who transition into elementary school. Towards the end of this post, we offer some tips for those kids who refuse to go to school but before we do: we´d like to show you about a free new online game -Barriguitas School- which will help you motivate them to see school in an entertaining way.

One of the main causes for not wanting to go to school is lack of motivation. So, it´s important we transmit how fun it could be, featuring things they like as well as pointing out their new friends or their adorable new teacher. But there are games that also serve this same purpose! Barriguitas School is one of them!

Barriguitas School is a free online game your child can play on the computer or tablet and smartphone. Following the same cute aesthetics as the Barriguitas toys and playsets have, this game is based on a series of mini-activities that put their attention, observation, decision-making and coordination skills to test. With this game, your child will be immersed in a school which offers the following activities:

  • Art Class: Point to the differences between the work done by teacher and student.
  • Physical Education: Identify the student who scores the most.
  • English Class: Point out the student who says the word correctly.
  • Math Class: Knowing who draws better geometric shapes.
  • Natural Sciences: Being aware of different body parts.
  • Music Class: Listening to a series of notes and guessing which ones the student doesn’t get right.
  • Language: Recognizing the letter on the blackboard and seeing which student repeats it back well.


What do I do if my child doesn’t want to go to school?

The first thing we must do is detect why. Remember we must remain clam and speak with them when it´s a good time. This way, we´ll be offering our children the chance to express their feelings and put them into words. We can also speak with their siblings, friends and teachers to discover if they´ve observed a change in their behaviour.

Following is a lit of tips you can use in this situation:

Get into a routine: waking up, having breakfast, getting dressed, combing hair, brushing teeth… Always in the same order and the same time.

Speak with their teacher: Explain the situation so he or she knows what is going on and have him/her observe their behaviour in class.

Take your child to school: It might just be the trick. Take your children to school until they feel more confident.

Get involved in their school activities: If possible, get involved and support your children in their school activities. That way you can also observe who his friends are and the way he behaves and is treated.

No punishing: Avoid “blackmailing” your kids to go to school.

Set an example to follow: Don’t´ forget to establish a positive behaviour for your children to follow.

How do you get your kids to be motivated for school?

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