Shall we make a collage?
August 8, 2014  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

As parents, we tend to motivate our children to paint but there are other creative activities with tremendous benefits. Making collages is one of them. Not only is it an easy technique to do at home and makes for a great way to spend the hot summer days, but it helps develop their creativity and imagination, by putting them in direct contact and in a different way, with textures and colours. Besides, it also helps them develop other important aspects of their personality.  We´ll show you which ones and what you need to do to get them active.

Improves their autonomy

Making collages is a versatile technique due to the amount of materials that are used.  It might sound incredible but this alone offers children different options and improves their decision-making skills, a stepping-stone towards independence. When you make a collage with your children, ask them what materials they want to use (seashells, cardboard, magazine cut-outs, etc.…) Keep in mind that their decision may involve combining several materials and in this case, they should let their creative juices come alive.

Increases Curiosity

A collage is not just a paper you glue materials to. It´s a reinterpretation of a scene. You children look at the world that surrounds them and make their own interpretation of life. This alone activates their observation skills and sparks their curiosity, something that parents should motivate because it allows them to ask questions and learn. Before making a collage, let them decide what theme they wish to create. If they have a hard time doing this, suggest one for them or show them a picture in order to get them inspired. Once you´ve laid out the steps, let them create.

Improves their Self-Esteem

If you let them take the lead and finish the job, your children will feel they´ve accomplished something on their own without any help. That feeling of autonomy will reinforce their self-esteem. The good thing about art, and in this case, about collages, is there are no rules. There isn’t a good or bad collage so they are to be given total freedom.


Helps Self-Expression

Making a collage, like drawing, can be a great tool for children to express themselves. On occasions, it´s difficult for them to express what they´re feeling with words and often times, it´s easier for them to do it on paper. Motivate them to express themselves thru art since it will help you learn more about your children and reinforce your family ties. Once they finish their collage, ask them about it so they know you´re interested. Why did you glue this here? Why did you use these colours? What does this represent?

Collage Ideas

Aside from the materials we suggested above, collages allow you to explore an infinite amount of subjects. The key is to let their imagination roam free. At Eduart4kids there are many examples. One day you can make a colour collage like this one. Another day you can play with geometry and the following, you can show him how to use different types of cloth.  If you don´t know where to start, check out The Artful Parent that has 50 collage ideas on display.

Did you know that collages had so many benefits? Do your children and you make collages?

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Photo Credits: Carissa Rogers


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