Sheriff vs. Fetid Gas. What side are you on?
January 20, 2016  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Surely you are familiar with those charismatic superheroes your son and daughter have so much fun playing with! The Mutant Busters – who already have their very own TV series and fun online games, also come in the shape of action toys so your kids can continue to learn while they play. And we´re not only talking about motor skills or cultivating their imaginations. We are talking about toys that allow them to think and make informed decisions, a necessary tool for life. The game we propose today is apparently simple but keep reading to find out what your kids will learn when they are given the chance to choose. Are they a member of La Resistance or one of the terrifying mutants that dominate Panic Island?

Just like we talked about in this post, we should make the most of the time we spend with our children. Your experience, knowledge of their tastes and a little bit of imagination will have them see their toys in a different light. If you haven’t had the chance to read this post, here you´ll be able to discover what you can do as a parent and educator to stimulate, encourage and cultivate their imagination, creativity, vocabulary, motor skills and capacity to observe. 

The game we propose today is a game of role-play, one of kids favourite pastimes. With the help of Mutant Busters, you´ll be able to watch and discover how your kids feel about themselves and how they relate to others. Lets take Sheriff and Fetid Gas as examples.

Sheriff is a treasure seeker from the old world. He lives among thieves but has a heart of golf and always uses his skills to make this a better world. Sherriff is a member of La Resistance.


Fetid Gas, on the other hand is a member of the mutants and a very capable one at that! He was given his name by how smelly his gases are. Surely, each one has their own strengths, abilities and mission. And kids can learn important things from both, even if its just to understand what its like to be in someone else´s place.

So, toss a coin and let them decide who they will role play with: Sherriff or Fetid Gas?

While they play, step in and ask them some of the following questions just to keep them thinking.

What does your character talk like? Where does he come from? Is he always good/bad? What make shim good/bad? What qualities does he have and what are his soft spots? Do the good guys always win?

Remember there are no right and wrong answers.

Role-play is an excellent learning tool because it makes kids become active players because little ones are able to explore, assume risks, make decisions and express their feelings and ideas in a protected and safe environment.

In case you didn’t know, in the world of Mutant Busters, planet Earth has been taken over by mutants such as Fetid Gas. A group of brave humans fight against them and they are called La Résistance. In this imaginary world, there are many places to explore and carry out the struggle. Porkcity, the lab or the Tavern are some of the places where members of the Resistance come together to regain their energy and plan out future battles.

Allowing kids to choose and decide gives them autonomy and freedom to express themselves. Each time we let them decide, we are proving to them that we are sensitive to their needs and interests while we cultivate their decision-making skills as well as their self-esteem.

If they´ve chosen or ended up “being” Fetid Gas”, he or she will know that Panic Island, where the Mutants live, is protected by 7 traps and mortal mechanisms. But what is more important, your son or daughter will learn to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, even if they don’t like the character. Help them get over their bias and think about what good things Fetid Gas has. Why does he or she think he is a bad guy? Is there anything they can learn from him? 

If your son or daughter got to be Sherriff, he or she will have to meet with the rest of the members of La Resistance in their Headquarters to plan out an attack. The headquarters has its own defence and attack system including a revolving door, a pig bomb that explodes and a prison for mutants.

Before they finish playing, have them change characters. Remember to ask them what positive and negative things each character has and what they have learned from each one.

Does your son or daughter like Mutant Busters? Is this a game they´d like to play?

Photo Credits: Famosa


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