Show your love with I Love You plush toys
February 12, 2016  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Last year we published an article on how to show kids what love means, in which we suggested that “it´s not a matter of buying them things but rather giving themselves to others and that empathy is needed to do that.” Why is this important? Because it’s a behavioural model that is key to experiencing social relationships. If you haven´t been able to read it, we suggest you to do now that Valentine´s Day is right around the corner. Plus, by playing with these I Love You Plush toys by Famosa, you´ll be sure they get the message. 

Aside from teaching them what love is by being their best role models, parents should show their love through small gestures and words every day. Now kids can do the same with these adorable stuffed toys.


This new line of quality plush toy animals has a unique soft feel and are a perfect gift for children of all ages on Valentine´s Day. Please visit this gallery of images so you can discover all the options you have. Like we suggested in this post, published here at The Toy Blog, playing with plush toys has many benefits.

Among others, children, especially those between 2 and 3 years of age, learn to express themselves by playing with plush toys. At this age, it´s quite normal for them to feel frustrated because they are not yet articulate and don´t know how. That´s why its important for them to role play, so they learn to manage their emotions. Also, stuffed animals or plush toys are perfect allies when it comes to trying to unwind.

With them, kids can cuddle, whisper to them and give them soft massages before going to bed. Remember, we are the mirrors in which our children look into. Our behaviour towards them will the adopted by them when playing with their dolls. Don´t hesitate to bond with your children and give them a lot of TLC.

Throughout the years, the Toy Blog has been offering advice to parents about the importance of playing with their children. We now know that their job is to play as a means of entertainment but also for learning to develop language, motor and social skills, needed to be part of society. Playing provides them with the foundation to learn. According to Angie Rupan, Educator and Coordinator of the Child Development Centre in San Francisco, “play is the way in which children begin to understand and process the world they live in.” And for that, stuffed toys are something they will need.

On February 14th, we encourage you to talk to your children about love together with their I Love You plush toys by Famosa and give them the best gift in the world: your love, time, attention and care.

Photo Credits: Famosa



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