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Teaching our kids to be respectful
January 9, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Have you ever felt your children talk to you disrespectfully? They don´t listen, say things like: “Don´t nag at me” or “I don´t care” and sometimes insult you or verbally express their anger. This form of behaviour obviously implies a lack of respect but it also harms your relationship and the way you communicate to each other. The key is to discover whether it’s your children challenging you or they behave in accordance to what they´ve learned. It could even be both. In any case, teaching our children to be respectful ever since they´re young is the first step you must take to avoid reaching this type of situations.

My Son Hates Me!
July 15, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Being a parent implies sacrifice and a lot of it. Ever since they´re born, your life changes drastically. You are up all night trying to get them to sleep, to eat or to calm them down. You can´t go into work because your baby has a fever or isn´t feeling well. You leave your own dreams aside so your children can achieve theirs. You miss out on social outings and buying clothes or furniture just so you can have more to spend on them. That´s the way it is: when you become a parent, you are naturally inclined to take the back seat and love them unconditionally. That´s why it hurts so much when your son or daughter screams or yells, insults you or says the four words you thought were impossible to hear coming from her mouth: “Mom, I hate you.” 

My child is aggressive
May 23, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Like adults, there are many reasons why children can become aggressive. Sometimes it´s due to exhaustion or over-stimulation. Other times it´s due to frustration or anger. There are cases of children who are aggressive simply because it works to get what they want. They can also react aggressively because they see this sort of behavior at home. But if we delve a little deeper, we discover that aggressive behavior is mainly due to the fact that children have not yet developed their language skills and they do not know how to control their emotions as they strive to become independent. That’s why, if a friend takes their toy, your child can end up hitting him or biting. This might surprise you and you might even feel ashamed but to a certain degree, this behavior is quite normal. What is important is not only to remind him that this behavior is unacceptable but to educate and teach your child other ways to express himself and find a solution to future conflicts.