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Natural Alternatives to Traditional Medicine
June 6, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Even though your children get a healthy dose of nutritious food and have a strong immune system, they keep catching colds, have fever, fall off the swing and get dizzy on long car rides. As long as they´re not suffering from important illnesses or sickness, doctors and paediatricians recommend home remedies. These natural alternatives not only work but lack secondary effects and you probably already have them at home. We´re talking about chamomile, ginger, honey and a good dose of love. Here are 4 natural alternatives to traditional medicine that will help cure and prevent minor sicknesses.

How to get them to listen
May 28, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

“No matter how many times I tell her, she doesn´t listen or that´s what it seems. In the end, I get tired of repeating myself and get angry. Only then does she listen. It´s exhausting.” Does the confession of this mother sound familiar?  According to Mary Rourke, director of the Psychology School at University of Pennsylvania, selective deafness in some children is their way of pushing the limits of their independence. She refers to children between 6 and 8 years old, those who begin acquire certain control over their lives outside the home. But there´s also another reason, a much simpler one: children have other things to think about and other priorities. However, you can get your children to listen without raising your voice or getting mad. Here are some tips on how to do it.

12 Grapes, 12 Alternatives
December 31, 2013  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

They say the Spanish custom of eating 12 grapes to the rhythm of one for each bell strike at midnight on December 31st, , dates back to 1895 and is said to bring good luck. Also known as the ”12 Lucky Grapes” this tradition has already been adopted in many Latin American countries. But, should we let our children join in? Despite the fact that they love to participate in these fun traditions, the danger of chocking due to the rhythm of the bell strikes or the size of the grape is considerable. If your children are too small to eat 12 grapes within a minute but you still want them to take part of the tradition, here are some alternatives. After reading, you might also change the classic grape for one of our suggestions. Here is our list of 12. From Toy Blog, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

1 The most loyal alternative to the real thing is have your children eat 12 grapes, previously peeled and seeded and cut into two.

2 12 raisins, like they do in Argentina. They are smaller than regular grapes and their sweet taste will be appreciated by the little ones.

3 Sweet tooth. Prepare a cup of 12 small gumdrops. 1 of each color and flavor.

4 Nuts. For children older than 5, prepare a cup of 12 peanuts or pistachios, already peeled.


5 A healthy alternative is to prepare a plate of 12 small pieces of cut apple or pear. They’ll also enjoy 12 small berries.

6 Crazy about Chocolate. Cut 12 small pieces of chocolate, according to their age and size and serve on a plate.

7 A la italiana. La Notte di Capodano is what Italians call the last day of the year and they celebrate it by eating a plate of lentils, believed to bring good luck. An adaptation of this would be to serve a plate with 12 pre-cooked lentils.

8  Corn. 12 grains of corn is our 8th alternative to eating regular grapes. Sweeter than lentils and easy to eat.

9  Cheese. Cut 12 small pieces of their favorite cheese.

10 Cereal.  12 pieces of their favorite cereal. Depending on the size, you can cut them in two.

11 12 small pieces of quince fruit. Sweet and mildly tart.

12  An assortment of all of the above.

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Photo Credits: Anthony Cramp