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My Son Hates Me!
July 15, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Being a parent implies sacrifice and a lot of it. Ever since they´re born, your life changes drastically. You are up all night trying to get them to sleep, to eat or to calm them down. You can´t go into work because your baby has a fever or isn´t feeling well. You leave your own dreams aside so your children can achieve theirs. You miss out on social outings and buying clothes or furniture just so you can have more to spend on them. That´s the way it is: when you become a parent, you are naturally inclined to take the back seat and love them unconditionally. That´s why it hurts so much when your son or daughter screams or yells, insults you or says the four words you thought were impossible to hear coming from her mouth: “Mom, I hate you.” 

My Son Cheats
May 30, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

The family is gathered around the table to play a board game. Suddenly, for the very first time, you see your four year old son take certain liberties such as advancing his piece 2 places instead of one, or rolling the die again when he gets a number lower than he expected. That same day,  you watched him play with his friends and were surprised by the level of competitiveness in your son and how he cheated his way through.  How could this possibly happen? Well, yYou´ll be relieved to know that he´s not the only little criminal in town. In fact, a large number of children cheat. Why, when is it too much and how should we handle this as parents?