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This month´s Wishmakers: Common Sense Media
August 31, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Every month, here at The Toy Blog, we select and interview people who work with and for children. People whose ideas, organizations and projects inspire and help make this world a better place. We call them our Wishmakers. Today, we are excited and very proud to publish our conversation with Jim Steyer, CEO and Founder of Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization, which aims to give all children the opportunity to thrive. How? By informing parents and educators about the media their children consume and about the ever-increasing role of technology in the lives of young people.

YouTube Kids
April 7, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

If you don´t have parental control on your devices including your laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, all your children have to do to get access to inappropriate websites is lie about their age. According to a recent study, published by The Irish Examiner, already 20,000 children under 13 have done so. And when they get caught, the company is not held responsible, which is why they create special filters. But by doing so, they leave potential clients aside. Google, the giant, has spent years investigating a possible children´s version of YouTube, and has now just launched it. On February 23rd of this year, YouTube Kids was born.