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Reinforcing their vocabulary with My Life in English!
January 15, 2016  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Do your kids need a bit of motivation to expand their knowledge of English and vocabulary? Well, we might have the solution! Although My Life in English is designed to get non-English speaking kids energized to learn a second language, we believe it can help English-speaking kids to expand their vocabulary. The app, created for kids between 9 and 11 years old also emphasizes pronunciation through the use of educational games. But in your case, the app can be used by younger children to boost their language development skills.

How to take care of our planet with Mutant Busters
December 28, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Part of what we do as parents is to teach our children values and cultivate their respect for our planet. Recycling, caring for the environment and ecological values have been an important subject matter in recent years. Especially now, when we are surrounded by so much holiday wrapping paper, packaging and gift boxes. But, isn´t there a fun way we can show our children how to take care of the planet? The answer is yes and today at The Toy Blog, we will teach you how with Mutant Busters.

How to teach your children to write their name
November 18, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Children start becoming familiar with reading and writing at an early age and when they do, it marks an important milestone. The first letter the majority of kids write is the one, which corresponds to the first letter of their name. But how can we encourage them to write their full name and then all the letters in the alphabet? Is there a right way to teach your kids to write?

Kids Safe Video Player
October 21, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

It´s unquestionable! Kids today manage new technology with great skill and ease. How many times have your kids surprised you with their search capabilities? Although most parents understand the benefits that the 2.0 world has, some of us feel a bit insecure when it comes to Internet content. The first word of advice is to share those moments with them. Be by their side when they´re looking for something on the Internet to discover their online habits and teach them how to avoid risks. But, even so, sometimes this isn´t enough. While they are entertained, most of us wish for some time to ourselves. So, what´s the solution? Today, at The Toy Blog, we´ll talk about Kids Safe Video Player, an app designed to guarantee safety to children while watching videos on Internet.

How to organize the best Halloween party
October 8, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

At The Toy Blog, we love celebrating Halloween because it´s a great chance to engage in fun and creative activities and games. We especially like this holiday because it´s a wonderful excuse to enjoy the company of friends at home. That´s why we want to give you some ideas on how to organize the best Halloween party at home and as a family.

Talking Faces, learning about emotions
October 5, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Cultivating emotional intelligence should be one of our priorities when it comes to raising our kids. Like we pointed out in this article, if children learn to manage their emotions, they come to accept themselves and others. Here, at The Toy Blog, we also mentioned how to cultivate this learning process in your day-to-day but now, we´d like to show you another way to get your kids to learn about emotions by analysing them with the fun game of Talking Faces. This app, available for iPhone and iPad will also get them thinking about their future, something kids love to do as they discover how the world works.

Discover the PinyPon website!
September 22, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

There is no doubt: the little PinyPon are adorable! You just have to take one good look at them and you´ll want to play. But PinyPons are much more than toys.  They have an entire world at their service, including online games and videos. At The Toy Blog we want you to discover their world and join us in this tour through the different sections to see how much fun you can have with PinyPon.

Learning as they play with Doctors and Teachers by Nenuco
September 15, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Did you know that when they play is when they learn the most? According to Angie Rupan, Educator and Coordinator of the Childhood Development Centre in San Francisco, “playing is the way kids begin to understand and process the world they live in.” That´s why they must have time to alternate between free play and role-play: two of the best forms of entertainment.  Playing to be all grown up is a great opportunity to interpret different roles and just as we suggested in this post, two of their favourite professions areteacher and doctor. Today, we´d like to offer you some ideas and activities you can use to motivate them to keep learning as they play.

How to enjoy the last days of summer with your kids
August 25, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

There are just a few days left of summer vacation and the team at The Toy Blog would like you to take full advantage of them. Remember that these are the moments that will stand out and become part of the family´s memories. In order to help you enjoy your kids before the school year begins, here are some ideas, fun games and clues as to how to connect the child we all have in us.

7 Best Toys for the Beach
July 21, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

During the summer we all try fighting the heat and protecting ourselves from the sun so we can give into the pleasure of play and spending quality time with our kids. Especially if we are at the beach where the sea, the waves and the sand make up a fascinating playground. Keep reading to discover which toys are the best for the summer. Not only will the kids have fun but they´ll also keep learning and developing important skills such as patience and teamwork.