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Bilingual Apps and what science is saying
January 26, 2016  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

If you a bilingual family or have decided to learn another language this year or even perfect the second language you already know, congratulations!  It is one of the best gifts you can give your children. Today, at The Toy Blog, we offer you the latest scientific studies related to learning other languages and a list of the best bilingual apps.

How to travel while staying at home
June 1, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Travelling is one of the best ways to disconnect, learn and discover. But travelling doesn’t necessarily imply taking a plane, sleeping at a hotel or going very far. In fact, you can still travel without leaving your city. Here are some ideas so you and your family can travel and enjoy a fun, activity packed summer while staying at home.

How to Raise Bilingual Children
May 29, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Have you decided to raise bilingual children? Congratulations! Not only will it stimulate their linguistic development but their intellect as well. Here, we´ll tell you about the challenges you may face, the myths, which must be demystified and all the benefits and tips on how to live with 2 languages at home.