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Does your child have a complex? Help him overcome it
January 15, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Fat, skinny, big nosed, Dumbo ears, short, wears glasses… However you look at it, any physical feature can turn into a complex. Just thinking about what makes him different, derives in low self-esteem and affects his relationship with others.  It´s an irrational thought, difficult to overcome but not impossible. Accepting what we don´t like about ourselves is not easy. As adults, we know and as parents we have the responsibility to teach our children to love and respect themselves more each day. So, how do we do it? Here are some tips on how to help your child thru this difficult yet important transition.

Cell phones for Kids. Yes or no?
July 1, 2014  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

You´ve probably heard your children ask you for a cell phone. But when it comes to really knowing whether they need it nor not is a hot debate. Parents and teachers have different points of view on the subject. Six out of 10 children between the age of 10 and 15 have a cell phone. But are they good for our children? We´ve analysed the main advantages and disadvantages of children using smartphones.