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5 Easy-to-Make Halloween Desserts
October 29, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

The kitchen has always been everyone´s favourite place at home. A place to share, to experiment and make good use of our 5 senses. But did you know that cooking boosts our self-esteem and our creativity? Aside from being a delightful activity, cooking involves math and reading. Take advantage of Halloween to enjoy cooking with the entire family. Choose any of these 5 delicious and scary desserts to make at home with the kids.


Young Chefs
September 1, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Cooking is travelling in time and to different parts of the world. Cooking implies reading and knowing your math, it cultivates your self-esteem and creativity. It improves fine motor skills, sociability and according to nutritionist and dietician Susan Moores, also a spokesperson for the American Dietetics Association, children who cook are more open to trying different food and are more conscious of the value of nutrition and healthy eating. We´ll give you a run-down on all the benefits cooking has for children and the ingredients you´ll need to inspire them.

Bento Box: a great idea for eating healthy
August 14, 2014  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Japan is one of the country´s with the lowest obesity rates in the world. And one of the main reasons is due to their diet, based mainly on raw vegetables and fish. Have you ever wondered how children can become accustomed to eating this type of food? Aside from being a society in which it is important to transmit culture and habits (including eating habits), Japanese have a wonderful way to displaying food so the little ones will be drawn to it. We´re taking about bento boxes, a lunch box of sorts that present tiny piece of food in a fun way. A great idea if you want your children to learn to eat healthy. The best thing about Bento Boxes is how easy they are to make. Children can even create their own.

Thanksgiving Recipes your Children will Enjoy Making
November 28, 2013  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and kitchens all over America are beginning to enjoy the warmth and aroma of cooking with friends and family. While the oven is hot, the main courses designed and ingredients all laid out, what can our children possibly do to join the fun and help out in the kitchen? Here are some simple recipes for appetizers, designed for kids, which will keep them entertained and please all guests – big and small.

Crunchy Sweet Potato – have your children make your Sweet Potato recipe crunchier by topping it with corn flakes, brown sugar and pecans. Don’t have a sweet potato recipe? Click here for more.

Healthy Fruit Drinks – This will be a favorite among your guests and make your children proud to serve them. Parents should cut up the fruit (watermelon, mango, orange, cantaloupe…) and suggest a combination. Then let the children create their own mixes, add ice, honey or sugar and run the blender (with your supervision, of course).  Once it’s all mixed together, let them finish by stirring with a wooden spoon and pouring into tall glasses.

The Fruit Bird – all you need is a large cantaloupe that can stand alone on a platter, small cut-up pieces of fruit (grapes, mango, apples, oranges…) and wooden skewers. First, the children will need to pierce an assortment of fruit pieces with the skewer, leaving the sharp end free to stick into the cantaloupe.  The Fruit Bird is not only fun to look at but a healthy and entertaining appetizer.  Check out the full recipe here.


Cranberry Trail Mix Topped with Chocolate – Kids tend to pick what they like from the trail mix (i.e. the chocolate) and end up leaving all the nutritious goodies out. This Thanksgiving, melt some chocolate in a saucepan and let them pour it over nuts, raisins, coconut and dried cranberries and they’ll be happy to gobble it up.

Cinnamon Cider - For this kid-friendly cider that adults will love just stir apple cider and hard cinnamon candies over low heat. You can serve warm, once candies have melted completely. For full recipe, click here.

Prosciutto Crostinis – For this crunchy, cool appetizer, all you need are slices of bread, salted butter, cucumber, ricotta cheese, slices of prosciutto ham and some pepper. Let your children cut the bread into round pieces by using a glass or cookie cutter. Brush the round pieces with butter and sprinkle with pepper. You can then place them in your oven on low. Once brown, flip them over to toast the other side. Once the bread is toasted, have your children spread ricotta, add a slice of cucumber and a rolled-up piece of prosciutto ham on top. For an Italian variation of this recipe with delicious figs, click here.

Motivate them to have fun and enjoy the process. It will generate happy memories and instill a love for cooking. Happy cooking and happy Thanksgiving!

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