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Getting the house ready for the Three Wise Men
January 5, 2016  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Whether you live in Spain or not, the story of the Three Wise Men is a beautiful one you can share with your children. You might even want to celebrate it, the Spanish way. A fun and different activity you can do with them at home. In Spain, kids get their presents from the Three Wise Men, not Santa Claus. And parents and children make sure their homes are ready to receive them. Even if you don’t celebrate the tradition, it´s good for the little ones to learn how Christmas is celebrated elsewhere. Keep reading to discover all the magic behind the Three Wise Men!

Celebrities at work against childhood cancer
August 10, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Did you know that childhood cancer is the first cause of death in children, after common household accidents? And that in developed countries such as the United Kingdom, 4000 children and young people will be diagnosed with cancer this year? Although their survival rate has increased thanks to advanced medicine and research, there is still of work to do. Especially when it comes down to awareness. That is why celebrities have donated their time to star in a video for Fundación Juegaterapia (Play Therapy Foundation, in English). Keep reading to discover the key to this successful campaign and what Juegaterapia has been able to do by sharing the video through the Internet.

Our Wishmaker this month: Seydu, founder of Diamond Child School of Arts & Culture
October 20, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Our Wishmaker of the month is perhaps Europe´s best percussionist. He is also a composer, singer and luthier.  Seydu was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and grew up listening to melodies sung by his mother, Fatmata Salimatu Jalloh, and he assimilated the rhythm his grandfather, Ebenizer Calender, created with his drums. It was his grandfather who taught Seydu how to make his own instruments by using recycled materials and together they would travel and play representing their country. It was music that helped save Seydu from war and hunger and taught him how to survive being a stowaway on board a merchant ship and a vagrant in the subway in Madrid, being a teenager. Years later, Seydu, went on tour with Stevie Wonder, collaborated with famous artists such as Serrat, Youssou N ´Dour, Alejandro Sanz and Kiko Veneno, has published 3 records and founded what he considers his greatest achievement to date: Diamond Child School of Arts and Culture, an NGO dedicated to giving children the necessary skills and education for a brighter future. Children, who today live, threatened by Ebola.