Teaching your Children how to get Organized
July 29, 2014  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Children today are busier and more distracted than ever before. Between school, extra curricular classes and activities, homework and social commitments, kids face an overwhelming amount of stimuli and demands that make paying attention and completing tasks almost impossible. That´s why it´s important to teach them how to get organized, a skill that will make them more responsible in the present and future. It only requires some help, supervision and practice. Continue reading to learn how.

Tips on How to Teach your Kids to get Organized

  • Preparation. Whether it´s homework, chores around the houseor Spanish classes, children should learn to think of what they will need to complete them. A good idea is buying or making a calendar where to write their tasks and commitments. There´s no need to pressure them or overwhelm them with demands but you can motivate them by asking them how much time and what they will need to accomplish their goals. Sooner or later, they´ll start asking themselves these questions.
  • A simple task that helps them learn how to get organized is becoming responsible for their school bag. Is my homework there? How about my pencils and sharpener?  Make sure they follow the habit of preparing their bag before dinner or bed. That way you will all avoid the typical morning chaos.
  • Lists. Help your children write lists of thing they need to do and what they need to complete their tasks. If their teacher has sent them a book assignment, what is the deadline? Will they need to check it out from the library or borrow it? How many chapters does the book have and when are they more willing and centred to read? What other tasks need to be accomplished and how can they organize their time? They must be the ones who ask the questions and learn to answer them. Remember, the best thing about lists is being able to cross them out. So make sure theirs are somewhere visible and celebrate each time they complete an assignment or task.
  • Temptations. Learning to say no to distractions is the most difficult thing to do. That´s why it´s a good idea to teach them that the sooner they finish, the better they´ll feel and the more time they´ll have to play. Keep in mind that it´s OK for them to take a break every now and then. If they can´t wait to try out their new skateboard, encourage them to complete at least half of what they have to do first.


  • Independence. One of the ways to teach kids how to organize themselves better is reinforcing their independence and motivating them to accept a certain degree of responsibility. Children should learn to dress themselves, set the table, tie their shoes and help you make the shopping list. This will empower them and make them think: “Yes, I can do that!”
  • Order. It´s much easier to accomplish goals when there is order. Make sure your kids have a specific work place at home and find everything they need. Create the habit of putting their things away once they finish.
  • Supervision. Supervise their homework and ask them how they feel about how to organize their time. They might need extra things and your help to complete their goals.

How do your children organize themselves? What suggestion would you give our fellow readers?

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