Teamwork with Tickety Toc
February 8, 2016  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Surely you are aware of the exciting educational program for kids called Tickety Toc, but did you know that Famosa created a line of toys inspired by the famous TV program? Like the characters and stories seen on the screen, Tickety Toc toys are designed specially for preschool children. With them, kids can explore important concepts such as commitment and social responsibility. But Tickety Toc also reinforces teamwork while they play and today we will explain how and why it is important.

The adorable main characters are Tommy and Tallulah who live in the amazing Tickety Toc world. They are 8 years old twins and the ones of charge of tolling the bells on the clock. But this is no ordinary clock and making the bells toll is no simple task because the twins will have to share their time being responsible with playing. So they need to coordinate their efforts well! 

Observing how Tommy and Tallulah need to carry out with their daily task has kids feel identified with their own life full of homework, extra curricular activities and chores.


Another apparent obstacle is the differences between the twins, as they need to accept their differences, something that happens daily in real life when working as a team. While Tommy sees things from a scientific view, he must accept that his twin sister sees things from a creative perspective and together they must solve problems and situations that happen only in the world of Tickety Toc.

Why is teamwork so important?

Being a good team require empathy, asking others for help and listening even though we might not agree on everything. And when two opinions collide, we should teach our children how important it is to express their opinion with respect and acknowledge when others are right. If your kids learn to manage this type of situations, like Tommy and Tallulah, they´ll be ready to negotiate, something that is unquestionably critical when working as a team. Not only now but in the future as well.

With Tickety Toc Toys by Famosa, your children will have a blast while they learn these important values. Plus, they´ll get a head start on perfecting their motors skills, coordination, imagination and creativity. Remember, kids learn while they play and if they enhance their emotional and sensorial side when doing so, so much better.

Encourage your children to ask questions, express their opinions and back up with points of view when speaking with others. Do you think you could help me set the table, after your finish the puzzle? Or, would it better to do it now so you have more time to play afterwards? What would Tommy and Tallulah do? How would they get organized to do it all?

Another great thing about Tickety Toc is that it provides children with the concept of time, which you can take advantage of to start teaching them about the hours and the minutes. If you didn’t have the chance to read this post, do so now to find out how to each your children to develop these skills and their autonomy.

Did you know that Tickety Toc toys by Famosa had so many benefits? This line of educational toys also comes with a projector, the Choo Choo Train and the Clock House so your little ones can learn while they play.

Photo Credits: Famosa




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