The best movies to watch this summer
July 16, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Summer is the best season to play and enjoy family quality time and one of kids’ favourite evening activities is enjoying a movie together. Keep reading to discover which are the best films to watch this summer. And remember, besides being entertaining, it´s a wonderful opportunity to talk about what you´ve seen and engage in constructive criticism,  an excellent skill that will stimulate the kids to practice giving their opinion and point of view.

Tomorrowland is a sci-fi adventure directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles and Ratatouille). It tells the story of Casey, a bright and very curious teenager who is transported to a futuristic world where the word impossible does not exist. Casey meets a genius inventor named Frank Walker and together they will try to save Tomorrowland. Would you like to watch the trailer?

What would your kids invent if they lived in Tomorrowland? Whom do they feel more identified with? If you´d like to learn what experiments will make your kids love science, we encourage you to read this post.

When Marnie was there is the story of Anna, an unadapted teenager with no friends who spends her summer vacation by the sea. There, she meet the mysterious Marnie, a foreigner and like Anna, a lonely girl. Created by Studio Ghibli, the same Japanese production house that delivered the wonderful animated film Princess Mononoke, this one is an adaptation of the novel with the same name.

After watching it with your kids, get them to reflect on the importance of friendship and on foreigners. Do they have any prejudices? What values are being taught in the film?

If you haven’t had the chance to read our post titled “Tolerance and Respect for Different People”, this would be a good time to do so. Would you like to watch the trailer?

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After watching Jurassic World, you can talk to your children about dinosaurs. What do they know about them? Would they like to learn more? Here are the best apps to encourage them to enjoy history.

The Minions is an animated comedy made for the entire family. If you don´t remember who the Minions are, they are the funny and cute characters from Despicable me. This story that takes place in the 60´s in Antarctica, 42 years before they go to work for Gru, the villain. They feel so isolated and depressed in their new home that they feel the need to find a new leader. You´ll be able to watch the trailer here and your kids can vote, leave comments and share their own Minion creations.

Do they know a villain or someone who resembles a villain? Do they know that humour is one of the best weapons they can use? Have they ever felt sad or depressed? Don´t miss out on this post to learn how to talk to your kids about their emotions.

Inside Out. Growing up is hard, especially for Riley, who now has to leave her hometown and move to San Francisco with her dad. Created by Pixar, Inside out is about changes. And like all changes, this one causes her happiness and fear, sadness and excitement. Here, in the world of Inside Out, emotions live together and help the inhabitants face and overcome their problems. The film emphasizes the importance of having a positive attitude and knowing how to manage your emotions. You can watch the trailer here.

Do your children have a complex? Read this article to learn how they can overcome it.

HOME. If you haven’t yet seen it, we encourage you to organize a fun movie night at home with the kids. Home tells the story of the Boovs and their enemy: the Gorgs and a character that is different from the rest. His name is Oh. But Oh is not liked by the others and together with a human child named Tip, they become fugitives on an adventure to save the world.

Do you children feel misunderstood? Do they have trouble making friends? Read about the benefits that friendship has right here.

Watch the trailer for Home here.

If you’d like to discover what 8 classic films you can watch with your kids, read this article published by The Toy Blog. Or would you rather science fiction films with your kids?

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