The power of motorcycles and the benefits of riding
July 9, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

The wonderful sensation of freedom and movement that you get when riding a motorcycle seduces adults and children alike. Kids love them because it allows them to feel all grown up and independent. But, riding motorcycles also stimulates their motor skills and coordination too. Just like we suggested in this post, toy motorcycles and cars are excellent tools to teach children basic concepts such as left, right, forwards and back. These toys are also a great excuse to help them understand road safety. Keep reading to discover which are the best options for your little ones this summer.

Did you know that riding a toy motorcycle helps kids understand important concepts such as speed, space and distance? These toys on wheels also allow them to socialize, express themselves and learn about road safety. Here are some of the best vehicles for kids of all ages. From motorcycle-style walkers for the younger kids to motorcycles with battery operated engines for the older ones at home.

A few months ago, we wrote about baby walkers, those toys on wheels that small children can hold on to while they practice their walk. But there are also baby walkers that look like real motorcycles. Created for 1 year olds and over, when they already know how to walk and are able to maintain their balance, they´ll be able to get their impulse with their feet and hands while riding the Moto Feber Sprint 1. For girls and boys.

Another stable and safe “motorcycle” walker is the Moto Feber 2 Racing, designed for 3, 4 and 5 year old girls and boys. Helmets are included. Your little ones will have a chance to reinforce their balance and their hand-eye coordination, making them feel like the owners of the road and boosting their self-esteem.


Feber Cross Alpha 6V has also been designed for 3, 4 and 5 year old girls and boys. The engine is battery operated and has an accelerator at the foot and an electric brake. Battery and charger are included.

Even though these are toy motorcycles, remember it´s important they wear helmets. Their use can reduce the impact of falls and can even save their lives. Check out these fun helmets for him and her.

Discover all the fun Feber Ride-ons by checking out this video here.

If your kids love motorcycles but would rather play with them at home, there are several toy motorcycles that will keep them entertained. Do you remember the Hello Kitty Club Coffee interview we published here at The Toy Blog?

These four girlfriends all admire Hello Kitty but have different tastes and hobbies. Kelly is the one who loves to ride motorcycles so she´ll probably be your daughter´s favourite. She´ll have a blast playing with Kelly and her scooter while she boosts her social skills, imagination and creativity. This toy scooter comes with the doll and a Hello Kitty comb.

If your daughter prefers to play with Barriguitas, she´ll love this pink scooter and the matching helmet. With her Barriguitas doll she´ll spend hours developing her motor skills and pretending she´s on vacation or going out on a fun day trip.

Do your kids love motorcycles? Did you know that this type of toy had so many benefits?

Photo Credits: Famosa

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