Thunder and lightening! This is my weather, a meteorology app for kids!
November 23, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Kids are fascinated by the weather. Whether it is how water drops from the sky, or how fog is created and why the sun heats up seems magical to them. But because they don’t understand and want to learn more, they innate curiosity becomes activated and they begin to ask many questions. So, how do we explain basic concepts in a fun entertaining way? At The Toy Blog, we suggest the This is my Weather app for iPhone and iPad, designed by Urbn Pockets and targeted to kids 4 years old and over.

Mom, Dad, this is my weather!

This app covers a lot of ground. From explaining the four seasons to the different climates in the world, your children will love this app form day one. The first activity they´ll have to do is make sure to dress a character with appropriate clothes for todays weather. How? The app recognizes the local weather.

The temperature is set in Celsius and Fahrenheit, that way children learn there are two temperature scales, who their creators were, their differences and other curiosities. For example, did you know that Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit didn’t like below zero temperatures and that is why he decided that his minimum would be 0?

The Four Seasons, different climates and much more

This app has been designed as if it were an interactive museum, in which kids can touch, test and observe… First they´ll learn about the four seasons and what happens in each one, being able to navigate through each one and accessing more detailed information if they desire. The best thing is that all the information supplied is told by a young boy who uses simple and entertaining words so they understand. Your kids could also read the information provided or learn through a combination of both.

The illustrations are cute and are designed so kids can understand concepts about the weather.

When they learn about both hemispheres, they´ll do it by taking Planet Earth in their hands! Different climates, how the Earth moves, the concept of day and night and much more will get them to appreciate how the world works.

This app will also answer questions such as: how are rainbows created, why is there thunder and lightening, what is rain and what types of clouds are there…

This is my weather app awards stars to kids who complete an activity. That star can be exchanged for fun experiments they can do at home like freezing bubbles, or making their very own rainbow!

Other weather activities for kids

If your son or daughter just can’t seem to get enough after playing and learning with this app, we suggest you encourage them to engage in activities related to this subject. Who knows? They might become a future scientist or mathematician. In the Urbn Pockets website, you can download a free information and activity booklet. You can also read our post 10 experiments that will make your kids love science right here.

Other cool ideas:

  • Place a thermometer outside so you kids learn to read the temperature.
  • Encourage them to look up at the sky every day to see what colour it is
  • Get them to gaze at the clouds and perhaps give you a prediction of what the weather will be like today.
  • They can also keep a log as to the direction of the wind, the temperature and atmospheric pressure.
  • Look at the weather today and decide what clothes you must wear to go to school.

Did you feel fascinated by the changes in weather when you were a child? Who taught you about the change if seasons or why it rains?

 Photo Credits: Urbn Pockets


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