Tidy and clean? Yes, it is possible!
October 15, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Our mission at The Toy Blog is to help you do the most difficult and beautiful job in the world: be good parents and enjoy the process. Like all jobs, sometimes the art of educating, is more fun than others. Today, we´d like to tell you how to do something that might not seem like much fun but it will take a burden off your shoulders while the little ones learn to boost their self esteem and become more independent: learn to be tidy and clean. Plus, if you follow these tips, you´ll also be able to teach them while playing. Are you ready?

Like we pointed out in this article, “a good way to prepare our kids to be responsible and independent is to encourage collaboration at home. Not only does it help them understand the value of hard work but it makes them feel like they´re part of the team.” Children believe it or not, are able to be responsible at a very young age and they love it! Here are the tips to teach them how to be clean and tidy! Lessons that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

Start early. As soon as you start, the better. If you teach them the basic lessons in hygiene and cleanliness, it will become a habit. But we must establish rules. Remember, not to just order them around, you must explain it to them in a way they understand. “Before you play with a new toy, you should put away the one you are using.” Or “as soon as you get home or before dinner, you must wash your hands.” Thank them and praise their behaviour. This will make them feel useful and part of the family team.

Make it fun. Play some music while you clean and tidy up the house. Create games to make chores more fun. For example? Set an alarm block or timer (3, 5 or 10 minutes) and see who is able to pick up and tidy up in the least amount of time. You can also propose this game: “The toys have escaped and don´t know how to return. Let´s help them back to their home.” Need more ideas? We suggest you watch Toy Story again.


Remember that kids look up to us as role models. If every time we have to wash the dishes or sweep the floor, we get fussy, they´ll probably adopt that same attitude when they do chores. Even if it’s just to set a good example, try smiling and see the positive part of getting things done.

Fun calendars. Buy a white board, those that you can write and erase easily and put it up in the bathroom, where they can see it. Brushing teeth, washing hands, shampoo, showering or taking a bath… Before they leave the bathroom, they´ll have to mark the boxes you´ve created. Once they´ve completed it, they´ll be able to choose a movie to watch or eat dessert, etc. You establish what they earn. When they´re a bit older, you wont have to give them any prizes. They´ll integrate it in their daily schedules.

Everything has a place. To teach them to be clean and tidy, you must set an example. Try taking your shoes off as soon as you get home and leave the, the umbrella, coat, gloves etc. in the same place, next to the entrance. This way, you´ll be instilling a habit. The same applies with your briefcase or computer bag. Always put them in the same place and get them to do the same with their school bag. Toys, books, clothes… Everything has its place.

Yes, sometimes we must things get messy

Remember that, on occasions, we must let things get messy. Not everything has to be picture perfect all the time. But once they´ve finished they should pick it all up. And yes, sometimes they´ll need your help.

Some parents even let their kids have their room any way they like it as long as the rest of the house is tidy. This way, they´ll know what its like to live amongst chaos and they´ll learn the consequences this entails: not finding things, toys might break; the clothes they want to wear are dirty…

How do you teach your kids to be tidy and clean?

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