Toys that Help Kids Wind Down
September 25, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Playing is important and it´s best if kids can do it in the outdoors, but playing does not always imply running around, jumping and playing in a frenzied manner. Especially if your kids are hyperactive by nature. They must also learn to play calmly. In fact, if we encourage this type of play towards the end of the day, we´ll be teaching them how to calm down, manage their emotions and get to bed. Today, at The Toy Blog, we´d like to give your some tips on how to usetoys to help them wind down.

The word fun isn´t opposed to the word relax. In fact, finding activities, games and toys that combine both can become your perfect allies when your kids need to unwind. The idea that the more tired they get, the better, has been proven to be wrong. As parents, we must provide a smooth transition and teach them how to manage their stress levels and over stimulation in order to avoid problems such as lack of sleep, anxiety or fear of confronting problems and now knowing how to solve them.

Tips on how to wind down while playing

Nenuco and Nenuco Baby are perhaps children´s most favourite dolls because they look like real babies. Engage your kids and their Nenucos in role-playing – they love it! – to get them to sit down or lay down next to their dolls so they can tell them a story or let them know everything they happened today.

To help them reduce their levels of over-stimulation, make sure you lower your voice and noise in general. Turn the TV and radio off and make sure they aren´t glued to the screens. You can put some relaxing music on to help them wind down and ask them to speak to their dolls in a whisper. Would you like to know what 7 things you can do to get them into bed without any fuss?

Like we suggested here at The Toy Blog, some children need to vent in order to wind down. If you believe your child is nervous or too excited to relax, it´s best to speak to him. Ask him how his day went, and if there is anything he is worried or concerned about. It´s not a matter of bombarding him with questions. It´s more of an invitation to get him to think and reason and express his feelings. If he doesn’t want to share this with you, invite him to write it all down. Once he´s finished, you can ask him to fold the paper and burn it with your help or even make a paper airplane out of it and throw it into the bin.

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He can also choose to share his thoughts with his favourite dolls or action figures. Whatever it takes as long as he can vent, manage his emotions and learn to unwind.

Another activity your kids can do with their dolls is cuddle with them and give them a short massage or bathe them before going to bed. Remember, we are the mirrors in which they reflect themselves. The way we behave with them will be reflected and imitated.

Apart from their Nenucos, stuffed toys or teddy bears can become great allies when it comes to winding down. With Nuco, Nuco Pink or Sweet Dreams Nuco all promote emotional release and tap into their senses.  Sweet Dreams Nuco has a little star on his belly, which activated  coloured lights and a lullaby. The star has a timer to regulate the duration of the melody.

Other toys that help them wind down are cards, puzzles and board games. All of these require a Little silence and concentration. At The Toy Store, you´ll find many options among Famogames, including Pasapalabra Junior, which are great tools to vent off frustrations and get your children to work on their patience and empathy.

What do you think of these wind-down toys? What toys do you use to get them to unwind?

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