We are looking for Toy Testers!
March 19, 2014  |  Written by Marta García López

In today´s world, video is becoming the preferred way of explaining ideas, sharing opinions and storytelling. There is no longer a need for large productions as people search and share videos according to their originality, creativity, the different ways in which these ideas and stories are told and how inspiring they are. Social networks, especially YouTube, have made it possible for content to spread around the web via word of mouth, aka viral.

On behalf of Famosa, we feel fortunate and surprised whenever we discover “gems” that our fans have uploaded onto the web like the one with this fan representing a 12 hours flight with her Pinypon or this other one, so original, representing Titanic. We loved them! Take a look and tell us what you think?

We feel so grateful to have inspired these amazing videos that we´ve decided to create a very special project in order to award the fans that make them. Would you like your son or daughter to become a Toy Tester?


Your opinion is so valuable to us that we would like you to join in on the final launch stage of our new products. How? It´s very easy! We will send you our latest toys absolutely free of charge in exchange for a video that includes your children´s opinion of the toy and yours. Each and every toy that is sent has the quality and safety approval by Famosa.

We are looking for 10 Toy Testers! If you want your child to be one of them, contact us via mail at and tell us why they should be chosen. Send us videos or pictures in which your kid tells us why they like playing with our toys, their game ideas OR their favourite games, what they like about Famosa, how they spend their free time… We´ll chose the 10 most original videos and most talented reviewers.


We hope this project inspires you as much as it inspires us! We will be anxiously awaiting your fantastic ideas! :)

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