We have our 10 Toy Testers!
July 8, 2014  |  Written by Mónica del Castillo

As you know, in March we launched a campaign in Famosa called Toy Testers with the purpose of bringing a bit of excitement to the most little ones and not that little. It was based on sending a video where kids were playing with any of Famosa toys, any brand could be used, and what we would be evaluating was not the content but how creative and original the video was. The 10 most singular ones would be the winners and they would received in their houses, completely free of charge, the latest and newest Famosa toys.

And it has been a success! We have received a lot of emails from many of our fans interested in participating in this campaign willing to make different creativities to become real Toy Testers. They have sent us all types of material, from pictures and power point presentations, to videos and short stories, very original! All of which has been very emotional, at the end, seeing the most littles of the house enjoying and having fun touches anyone.

We would have loved to make every participant a Toy Testers, as all of them deserve it, but we could only choose 10. Among the winners, the big amount of toys Celia(5), and Marta and Ana(2) had, left us shocked. The sweetness of Aitana(4), Ariadna(7), and Sophia and Julia(10) had, won us from the first moment. We loved the brash of Victoria(8) and Patricia(6). And the professionalism of Laia(1), Marina and Irene(3), and Noelia(9) got us at first sight. What we had clear was that from the first Toy Testers to the last one they capture us since minute 1 with their friendliness.

We want to share with you some of their material so you can enjoy it as much as we did ☺


Congratulations one more time to all of our winners! We hope you are very excited and your effort has been worthy. We will inform you with all the information about the sending process in the moment we have all the details.

From Famosa we want to thank all of the participants one more time for their time and eagerness in the campaign. It has been an unforgettable experience for us! And we have all of our excitement deposited in the whole process of collaborating with our Toy Testers that will start soon.

Thank you very much! 

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