What children want to be when they grow up
May 27, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Astronaut, fireman, ballerina, teacher, doctor, singer… Children can spend hours playing at pretending to be grown ups. Through role-playing, they get to interpret different characters doing different things, including jobs or tasks they find interesting. With our help, we can teach them what different jobs entail and spark their interests. Keep reading to discover what their dream jobs are and how you can help them make the right decisions.

According to a recent study published in Forbes magazine, a large number of children under 5 dream of working at jobs that don´t even exist, such as being superheroes. Spider Man was first on that list. But as they grow and learn to distinguish fantasy from reality, we can help them cultivate their natural abilities and interests so they can dedicate themselves to that which fulfils them.

Astronaut or Scientist

NASA doesn’t send men to the moon or Mars but the International Space Station keeps hiring astronauts to work on commercial space transportation and space exploration.

If your son or daughter have a thing for rockets or space ships or enjoy science experiments, don´t miss out on this post to discover how to cultivate a critical mind through exciting scientific activities you can do at home.

Plus, make sure to visit the Kids Club at the NASA website. It was created and designed for children, offering them fun facts and information, easy-to-follow tutorials and online activities.

Musicians and Actors

If your kids have a talent for music, you might have a future pianist or singer at home. Fortunately, today there are plenty of apps, musical activities and extra curricular classes where they will continue to cultivate their love for music. This post offers you great tips to support and help your little ones if music is what they want to do.

If they´d rather perform or act, don´t miss out on this post that explains all the benefits that a theatre or musical play has. It even includes links to plays for children and fun exercises they can practice at home.

Another stimulating activity, whether they like music or acting, is singing. Karaoke La Voz, by Famosa, gives children the chance to prove their natural born talent and it makes for a fun activity for the entire family. The kit comes with a professional microphone, a mini re-chargeable speaker and access to the app, compatible with iOS and Android.


Firemen or Policemen

Being a fireman or policeman requires studies and training aside from being brave, strong and cultivating empathy for others. All these ingredients makes these two professions some of their favourites. While they are still young, they´ll use their toys and stuffed animals or dolls to play out these thrilling jobs. We suggest you take a walk to the nearest police or fireman station to ask if you can bring your kids for a visit.


After their parents, teachers are probably the most important adult figure kids have. If they are lucky enough to have good teachers, they will probably be interested in pretending to be them, when they play. Reading, listening, being patient and knowing how to get an idea across to others are some of the abilities they will learn if they want to become teachers.

Through role-play, children love to pretend to stand in front of a blackboard, read to their dolls out loud and establish a routine, like the ones they see in class. For some children, this is just a pastime. For others, this will eventually grow to become a profession.

If you´d like to know what 8 things teachers expect form parents, please read this article.

Vets and Doctors

Whether they like helping or taking care of others, including pets, most children enjoy playing at being vets or doctors. As parents we can help them play by offering them toys that will encourage them to discover what these jobs entail such as Nenuco está Malito, Nenuco Soy Doctora or Nancy y los Delfines.

Playing with pets, taking care of their baby sister or going along to a doctor´s appointment or the vet, are other activities you can do together to spark their interests. Remember, they may be born with certain abilities but talent is like a muscle that needs be worked on and exercised.

If you´d like to know how to engage in role with your little ones, we encourage you to read this post, which includes fun ideas and activities.

What do your children want to be when they grow up?

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