What is Nancy up to?
October 23, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Nancy, a symbol of childhood for the generation of girls who were born in the 60´s and 70´s, still fascinates kids today. There is a huge legion of fans today that follow her on Facebook and through her fun-filled blog (available in English too!) in which she writes about the things that make her life happy such as friends, tricks, arts & crafts, hobbies and much more. Here at The Toy Blog, she´s come to tell us about school, the new edition of her magazine and surprising news!

We love Nancy and since she does such cool things, we try to interview her every chance we get. Like when she won the swimming championships or on World´s Ocean Day, when she launched the Diva collection and her blog. If you missed out on these interviews, be sure to click on any of the link above. Today, we had Nancy come into our offices at The Toy Blog and she´s come with a smile and a magazine under her arm.

The Toy Blog: Thanks for coming to visit, Nancy! What do you have there?

Nancy: Oh, it´s the new issue of my magazine. I´m thrilled. Each one is better than the previous one and I´m surprised by the amount of followers it has. My fans love the arts 6 crafts section, the comics, horoscopes, fashion and contests! So we try to include all this in every issue.

The Toy Blog: For those readers who do not know where to buy your magazine, it´s available at newsstands, right?

Nancy: That´s right. At newsstands and specialized stores.


The Toy Blog: So what is new in this issue?

Nancy: Well, this month we´ve focused the issue on going back to school and extracurricular activities. But there are also surprises! We are giving out 6 glitter pens and three posters! One of them is a calendar so kids can plan their school year.

The Toy Blog: What extra curricular activities will you be doing this year?

Nancy: There are new activities at school this year. I love learning and trying new things, as you know but I also like to meet new people so these classes are perfect. This year, I was surprised to discover that my school now offers cooking classes! I love cooking so I thought I´d take the class so I can later share the recipes and tricks on my blog.

The Toy Blog: What about your Spanish classes?

Nancy:  I´m still going to those and I might even take up dancing or sports.

The Toy Blog: How were your first weeks back at school?

Nancy: I love my teacher and it´s great to see my classmate and friends. I´ve actually created a new section in my website that is called Back to School. I started uploading tons of arts & crafts that everyone can follow in order to make their own calendar and personalized stamp for their books. In this section, they´ll also be able to learn how to decorate pencils and create a personalized tag for their backpacks.

The Toy Blog: That sounds incredible and fun! Are there any instructions?

Nancy: yes, of course but if you have any questions, please write to me here.  I also want to get pictures of the results!

The Toy Blog: We certainly love your blog. We are always discovering and learning new things like how to make a romantic braid!

Nancy: Thank you! Although I encourage you to check the back to school section so you can all learn how to get organised for the school year.

The Toy Blog: Great idea, Nancy! Thank you very much for coming. Until next time, we´ll make sure to keep following you!

Remember that Nancy´s website has news, notes for parents, for collectors and fun games for everyone!

Did you know that Nancy had her own Facebook page and a wonderful blog?

Photo Credits: Famosa

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