What toys should we take on vacation?
July 2, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

Family trips are wonderful no matter what you do. But there are destinations and plans that are especially fun when children are still children. Theme parks, hotels designed for kids and places, which are not only entertaining and educational but also magical if seen through the eyes of a child. Whatever you do, to make your summer even more special, when it comes time to packing your bags, there are certain kinds of toys, which shouldn’t be left behind. Keep reading to find out which ones we should take on vacation.

Teddy Bears/Stuffed Animals. Most children have their favourite teddy bear. Like we suggested here, these stuffed animals, usually in the shape of a bear or a dog, become their inseparable friend because they help kids feel comforted by something familiar and by playing they are able to express emotions and feelings they can´t do otherwise. Besides, teddy bears are perfect travel buddies, whether it’s on the plane, in the car or train.

Books. Small, paperback editions are great travel companions but the best option, if possible, is to download several e-books so your kids can keep reading while they travel and have a positive back-to-school experience. If you´d like to know which books and apps are the best for a summer vacation, we encourage you to read this post.

Board Games. Learning while having fun is the key to any board game. They activate kids´ minds because they present challenges and they also get their critical mind to work, motivating them to ask what they don´t know or question something they thought was true until then.

Small Toys/Dolls. The adorable PinyPon toys are very small and easy to carry in your travel bag. Besides, they´ll help kids keep playing and be entertained for hours. With PinyPon Viajes, for example, they´ll be ale to travel with their mini-toys all around the world and go on picnics, ride motorcycles, sail or fly a plane.


If your kids prefer Barriguitas, make sure you don´t leave them behind. These are perfect toys for them to engage in role-play, a very important and necessary activity for their social and emotional wellbeing.

A sock. Surprising but versatile and fun. With a sock, you can make hand or finger puppets to tell stories or bags to hide secrets or treasures.

Fun Tattoos by Glitza. Girls and boys will love these cool designs, which are water resistant and perfect for the summer. They can use them to decorate their bodies, their clothes, books or notepads.

Beads. Making collages or bracelets is not only fun but it helps them go over their numbers, shapes and colours too. Making their own necklace with beads, for example, is a good way to encourage their motor skills and imagination. Plus, kids can take them anywhere and get busy making gifts for their new friends or for their friends back home. If you don´t have the original box, use a small plastic container to store everything they´ll need to keep creative.

Stickers. Stickers don´t occupy any space and they´ll keep the kids entertained for hours. With stickers, they can invent their own stories and games or use them to decorate their drawings. Ideal for the car, plane, beach or while they´re relaxing in the shade.

Before you leave on vacation, discover which toys are the best for the summer season and read this post if you´d like tips on how to travel with your family.

Have you enjoyed our suggestions? What toy will you take on your summer vacation?

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