Why family vacations must be planned together
June 10, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

At The Toy Blog, we work to offer you advice, ideas, information and debates on childhood education so you can be informed and keep doing the most difficult job in the world: be good parents. But being good parents implies being a good team. That´s why, we would like to encourage you to keep your kids in mind when planning your family vacation this summer. Their ideas might surprise you and they´ll feel respected and considered when it´s time to decide.

Just like we suggested in “Let the Kids Decide”, it´s important to help children choose well and decide. Not only because it´s fun for them but they´ll grow to become independent and responsible. Plus, this will also boost their self-esteem and will teach them to reason, a tool that will help them throughout their life.

Tips on how to Design a Family Vacation together

This website suggests that having children take part of preparing a family vacation will help them appreciate and value the trip itself and it allows them to learn about saving and managing money.

Today, technology gives children the chance to expand their knowledge and it opens a door to a fascinating world. Take advantage of their love for gadgets and let them help you find the best destinations for a fantastic family trip.


  • The first step is organizing a family meeting. A good idea is to do it over dinner. If you haven’t had the chance to read the 7 reasons why you should sit down to dinner as a family, we encourage you to do so.
  • At the dinner table, explain what your budget is. If this summer, you simply cannot go very far away or enjoy a long vacation, it´s important for the kids to know why and what your priorities are as a family.
  • The more honest we are about delicate issues, the easier it will be for them to communicate theirs. Remember, if we avoid talking about certain things, children will learn to do the same. Also, avoiding certain issues does not protect them. On the contrary, many times it causes them to worry even more than they should. If you would like to know how to speak to your children about controversial issues, please read this post.
  •  Once the budget´s been decided, the fun begins: discovering all the possible options. Whether its camping, enjoying all the amazing water parks or visiting places your children will absolutely adore, it´s important that each family member chose at least one destination or travel idea. Encourage them to explain the pros and the cons of their selection. Remember, reasoning is a valuable tool they need to learn.
  • Once you´ve chosen the destination, now its time to plan where to sleep as well as how to get there and how you will move around. Share your favourite travel websites with them and see what they find and at what price. Remember to thank them for helping and for all their discoveries.
  • If they´re too little to be on the computer, take some library books out, about the destination so they can read and share the information with everyone else.

Getting your children to help organize your family vacation will get them to value what they have and enjoy their experience even more. If you´d like to know how to have a great summer vacation with your kids, please read this post.

Now it´s a matter of reading, sharing and why not saving some money towards the trip? The next time your kids ask you to go to the movie theatre, it might be your chance to let them decide: “We can go to the cinema or save that money in our vacation jar at home. You might want to bring back a souvenir. What do you think is best?”

Where will you go on vacation this year?

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