Why little girls love horses – discovering the new Nancy Caballo Funtastic
October 26, 2015  |  Written by Carlota Nelson

If you the parent of a little girl, you probably already know that horses are among her very favorite animals. In fact, they are so very fascinated by horses (well, unicorns and dolphins too!), that many experts have dedicated years of their life to studying this phenomenon. Keep reading to find out why and discover the new Nancy Caballo Funtastic by Famosa, a fun and educational toy that speaks to that desire. 

Scientists like Laureal Braitman, from the prestigious MIT, is dedicated to writing about animals and what we feel towards them. About the relationships between girls and horses, she says it has more to do with feeding their imaginations, rather than the power they exude. That´s what she said in an interview about this very subject on NRP.

In that same program, Peggy Orenstein, author of Cinderella Ate my Daughter, was interviewed as well. Orenstein assures us that horses help little girls develop their imaginations and activate their self esteem. In other words, horses are animals that help us imagine other worlds, where great doses of freedom, control and autonomy exist.

Taking care of pretending to take care of a pet and in this case of a horse. It requires certain skills such as taking care of others, empathy, responsibility and, again, autonomy. Horses need to be brushed, cleaned, fed and loved, among many other things.

[ASSET-18686]Nancy Funtastic Horse_high-quality

For all these reasons, Famosa has just launched the Nancy Caballo Funtastic, a toy designed for girls and boys between the ages of 4 and 8. Following the same line as Nancy Stories, its educational value resides in helping kids develop their imagination and creativity.

If your little girl dreams of having her own horse, this could be the solution. With Nancy Caballo Funtastic, she can pretend play to ride her horse and travel to other imaginary worlds. The fact that this toy horse has magical hair, that changes colours when touched, will boost her storytelling skills. We´d like you to see it in action here.

Remember that through role-play, a very necessary and important activity for children, they can place themselves in someone else’s “shoes” and understand the world they live in. Toys such as these are perfect tools for kids to give in to free and non-structured play. Games that have more to do with a world of fantasy. Remember that this type of play is the one, which helps them develop their imagination, and has them transform into the active creators of their very own stories.

Like Braitman explained in the radio program mentioned above, there is something in a horse´s physiognomy that is similar to unicorns or other magical creatures, and which symbolize a dream come true. The subject of unicorns and little girls has been a favourite topic for as long as we can remember because it relates children to purity, beauty and the magic of youth.

Did you know that horses fascinated little girls?

Photo Credits: Famosa


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