Would you like to become a Famosa Toy Tester?
August 11, 2015  |  Written by M. Rodrigo Brao

Children are the best when it comes to testing toys. Only they know whether a doll, a toy car or a teddy bear is good enough to play with. Famosa, fully aware of this fact, would like to encourage your children to test our toys and send us a video review. Like the successful Toy Tester Campaign we launched last year, we are at it again and this second round has great surprises in store for our young experts.  Would you your kids to join in the fun? Keep reading to find out how to participate and discover why it´s so cool to become a Famosa Toy Tester! 

What your children think about our toys is very important for us. That´s why we would like them to become part of our team and try out our new toys by becoming a Toy Tester. How does it work? Very easy! Our toys will be delivered to your home, for free and although new, these toys, like all of our products at Famosa, have been submitted to the highest quality and safety controls and measures. In exchange, all we ask is that you send us a video review after testing them.

All year long we´ve received amazing, funny, insightful and awesome reviews like this one of Sophia and Julia testing the Nenuco and Nenuco Bath time. We would like to thank all of our fabulous Toy Testers for their time and opinion and encourage you and your children to take a look at this reviews so you can get a better idea of what it entails.


Remember we are only looking for 10 Toy Testers so once you´ve watched the video reviews and believe it would be something fun for your kids to do, have them explain why they´d like to become a Famosa Toy Tester, which is their favourite toy and what is it about toys that make them fun to play with. We will be looking for original, creative and critical minded kids who love to play and aren’t afraid of speaking in public or in front of a camera.

They can make a video explaining why they want to become Toy Testers or they can write it down, attaching some photos and send it to or

This year we have a lot of surprises. Among the 10 Toy Testers, we will select a special winner who will become the Official Famosa Youtuber of the year. What does this mean? He or she will be receiving one toy every week for a year and promotion of their personal Youtube channel. Your child might even become famous with Famosa.

If you would like to see what types of toys your children would be testing, if selected, make sure you check out the Famosa Toy Store, where you´ll discover our complete catalogue.

We hope you join us in the fun! We are already looking forward to watching all your amazing videos.

Photo Credits: Famosa

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